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Designer selected earth tone colors inspired by the latest trends.

The collection boasts distinctive designs and captures today's modern trends synonymous with luxury and style in mind. Our handcrafted French European White Oak planks undertake a rigorous journey of intricate processes to ensure construction for durability and comfort. Allow Azur Reserve to tell a story in each room with 9 1/2 inch width planks filling each corner with character. Each plank goes through a thermal process in order to highlight these natural color variations and intriguing patterns. Such ingenuity of hardwood concentrates on its textured natural grain tantalizing to the touch with a durable UV oiled finish. A robust 5/8 inch thick plank solid beneath your feet merges with the ease of maintenance to become our Azur Reserve! Become a part of the elite who have acquired a look from our coveted hand-selected French European White Oak collection.

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Azur Reserve